M.V. Mason Electronics, Inc.

We at M. V. Mason Electronics, Inc. have over 30 years experience in the custom manufacturing of state-of -the-art inductors and transformers. We provide our customers with quality products while meeting individual customer production schedules.

Transformers and inductors at M. V. Mason Electronics, Inc. are manufactured in a modern facility using the most advanced techniques and equipment available. We manufacture such products as toroidal, isolation, power, pot core, signal, switching and flyback transformers, as well as a wide selection of inductors and chokes.

High standards in service at  M. V. Mason Electronics, Inc. are a result of our quality conscious employees who take pride in meeting your product specifications.

Custom Transformers and Inductors


To contact us:

Matthew V. DiMarco

442 High Plain Street

Walpole, MA 02081

Phone: 508-668-6200

Fax: 508-668-9832

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